The Best TV EVER?

OLED. Weird? Or one of the best things the TV market has laid its eyes on?

Let’s go with both. This new technology from SAMSUNG (of course) has been priced out for a whopping $9,000 with only 2 on the market as of now.

Take a look at this video covering Mr. OLED.

What do you think? Would you spend $9,000 on a 55 inch curved out TV claiming to be better than plasma?

The Connection Economy

The connection economy becomes more valuable as we scale it.

Friends bring us more friends. A reputation brings us a chance to build a better reputation. Access to information encourages us to seek even more information. The connections in our life multiply an increase in value. Our stuff, on the other hand, merely gets cheaper overtime.

Excerpt from The Icarus Deception by Seth Godin

Ambition is the path to success!

Ambition is the path to success!